Collection: Crisp Breads

Crisp bread – a tasty Nordic specialty

Crisp bread is a favorite snack in the Nordics. Crisp bread is a hard and thin dried bread which is originally baked from wholegrain rye and water. Nowadays crisp breads are baked from all kinds of grains and they are also available gluten-free. Crisp bread preserves really well and it is light to carry with you which makes it an excellent snack. Try these original Nordic treats!

The making of crisp bread

Crisp bread is based on extremely simple ingredients: whole grain rye and water. Before the brads go into the oven, little holes are usually pressed on the surface of the bread which tie the surface and the bottom together and prevent the formation of air holes during baking. Crisp bread is baked at high temperature (250 ℃/ 482 ℉) for a few minutes which gives the bread its crispiness.

Nowadays crisp bread is also available gluten-free when rye is replaced by potato, rice, corn or gluten-free wheat starch. Crisp bread can also be made of spelt. Crisp bread usually contains lots of fibres that maintain the wellbeing of the stomach which makes it good food for your gut.

Crisp bread in everyday use

Crisp bread is a well-known snack in the Nordic countries. In Finland, children are introduced to crisp bread very early on when they are about to get their first teeth. This is because the chewing of crisp bread calms down the baby’s itching gums.

Crisp bread is a popular side dish in the Nordic schools, the Finnish army and all kinds of mass events where a large number of mouths need to be fed. It is affordable, preserves well and is light to carry to various events.

Try the wonderful crisp bread!