Collection: Eco Cleaning Products

Ecological cleaning products for your home

Ecological cleaning products are an excellent option for traditional home cleaning products which can lead to quite a chemical load. Ecological cleaning products are based on natural ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and various plants. At Arctic Pure, you can find ecological cleaning products which are gentle for both you and the environment. Get to know the selection!

Cleaning your home with ecological cleaning products

Many of us do not necessarily think about the chemical load of traditional home cleaning products. Traditional home cleaning products contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful for water systems, aquatic organisms and us humans. The most harmful of these chemicals are frothers, surfactants, chlorine, bleach, preservatives, colorants and scents. Ecological cleaning products are therefore an environmentally-friendly option for the traditional products.

Ecological cleaning products are based on natural ingredients such as vinegar, citric acid and various plants.

  • Citric acid removes limescale in domestic appliances such as the coffeemaker and the dishwasher, as well as ceramic tiles in the bathroom.
  • Plant-based and biodegradable products clean dishes without phosphate and phosphonate which contribute to the eutrophication of waters.
  • Biodegradable sugar-based surfactants and soapberries are an ecological way to do laundry.
  • Vinegar can be used to replace synthetic fabric softeners. Vinegar clarifies the colors of colored laundry, protects the whites from becoming yellow and prevents the formation of limescale in the laundry machine.
  • Gall soap is an effective all-purpose cleaner. It can be used to remove difficult stains (e.g. berries, red wine, grease, grass) from textiles.

Choose cleaning equipment made from natural materials

Cleaning can be made more environmentally friendly also by paying attention to the choice of cleaning equipment. Choosing high-quality cleaning equipment may considerably reduce the need for detergents. Wood, bamboo, hemp, tencel fiber (made from cellulosic fibers) and other biodegradable materials are more friendly for the environment. Brushes and washing cloths made from plant fibers also don’t release any micro plastic for water systems.