Collection: Herb Shots

Revitalizing herb shot helps you to wake up!

Would you like to try an herb-based energy shot which contains only nature’s own ingredients? Herb shot is a strong energy bomb which affects quickly whenever you need it. Shots are small and easy to carry with you whether you need an extra boost during a busy day or doing a long hike in the wilderness. Herb shots are an excellent option for the traditional energy gel. You will get a good energy boost which helps you to continue to wherever you need to be next. Try and feel the difference!

Herb shots are based on ancient knowledge

Herb shots are usually based on traditional recipes in which people have relied on for decades or even centuries for boosting the immune system and relieving flu symptoms, for example. In our selection, you can find herb shots that contain a mixture of herbs whose medicinal properties have been known in natural medicine in the Nordics for ages. Common ingredients of herb shots include for example:

  • pine bark extract
  • honey
  • roseroot
  • nettle
  • spruce sprouts
  • Angelica archangelica
  • chaga

Herb shots are a convenient way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your day. The key benefits of herb shots include:

  • they are easy to use
  • they contain good natural energy in a easily absorbing form
  • they affect quickly

How to use herb shots

Herb shots are available in many forms which differ in their usage. Some herb shots, such as the Puhdistamo Strong Pine Bark Drink or Kari’s Pine Extract Drink you can enjoy as such as a drink. Herb extracts you can mix with water, juice, coffee or tea. You can also try the Arctic Warriors Puhti Energy gel which is a natural option to traditional energy gels. It contains honey, spruce sprouts and nettle which all provide 100 % natural energy for your performance.