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People need good-quality fats

Don’t avoid fats! Essential fatty acids, or omega fatty acids, are necessary for your body. Good fatty acids nurture the whole body: the brain, nervous system, hormone production, blood pressure, skin and hair. Many people don’t get enough good fatty acids from diet. Luckily the intake of good fatty acids can be secured with high-quality supplements made from fish oils and sea-buckthorn oils. Try for yourself!

Fatty acids are the primary components of nutritional lipids. Fatty acids can be in saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated form. 

The most important and necessary fatty acids for the body are unsaturated fatty acids which are called essential fatty acids or omega fatty acids. Saturated fats are however not necessary for a human being and a high intake of saturated fats increases the cholesterol levels too much. Fatty acids play a part in for example lipid metabolism and sugar metabolism and thus have a significant effect on health. The good essential fatty acids have beneficial effects on the whole body. Most people don’t get enough omega fatty acids in their diet whereas the amount of saturated fats is too high.

From where do I get good and bad fats?

Good fats are soft fats which you can get from fish, fish oils, nuts and seeds. Animal-based foods such as greasy dairy, butter and red meat are sources of bad fats. The recommended percentage of fat from the total energy of consumed food is 25-40 and at least two thirds of this amount should be soft fats. This means about 60 grams per day for women out of which 40 grams should be soft fats and 85 grams for men out of which 60 grams should be soft fats.

Omega fatty acids

Omega fatty acids are divided into four groups – omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 fatty acids. Out of these, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are essential. Essential fatty acids refer to fats which the body cannot produce by itself and thus needs to be acquired from external sources. The body is able to produce other types of fatty acids by itself to some extent.

Broad selection of high-quality fatty acids

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