Collection: Reconnecting Nature™

Immunity for the skin from Finnish forests

Reconnecting Nature™ forest extract is a Finnish innovation which helps to support the microbiome of the body when applied on the skin. The Finnish natural cosmetics brands Moi Forest and Luonkos utilize the Reconnecting Nature™ extract, or in other words, the forest dust in their skincare products. The products which contain forest dust help to strengthen the immune system and to treat the immune-mediated diseases and skin problems which have increased due to urbanization and the lack of being exposed to the good bacteria found in nature. Choose skincare products which contain forest dust and feel the power of the forest on your skin!

Reconnecting Nature™ extract strengthens the immune system

Due to urbanization, more of us spend less and less time in nature. At the same time we are less exposed to the good microbes found in the forests and agricultural environments which help to strengthen the immune system. This is why we have also lost a lot of the good microbes that help to maintain health. It has been estimated that this is the reason why immune-mediated diseases and skin problems have become more common over the past years.

Finnish researchers wanted to find out how we could be more exposed to these microbes in the current situation. This resulted in a research project called ADELE, carried out by the universities of Helsinki and Tampere. The focus of the project is to find answers to the increasing allergies and autoimmune diseases.

One of the answers to the problem found in the ADELE project was forest soil which is rich in different forms of microbes. The researchers discovered that when applied on the skin, the forest microbe extract, which can come in the form of for example a very fine powder, balances the microbiome of the body and reduces inflammation. This forest microbe extract which was named as Reconnecting Nature™ has been used in the products of Moi Forest and Luonkos. When applied on the skin, the forest dust rich in good microbes helps to strengthen the immunity.

Moi Forest – the skincare innovator which utilizes the Reconnecting Nature™ forest extract

Moi Forest is a Finnish skincare brand which combines precious ingredients from the Finnish forests with high-quality and organic natural ingredients. You can find the following products from the selection of Moi Forest:

The Reconnecting Nature™ products help to bring the healing powers of the forests in your bathroom. Order today and feel the difference!