Collection: Sweets

Natural and delicious sweets

Enjoying sweets is totally ok every now and then – even preferable. 😉 You can find healthier oat and spelt liquorices, flavoured liquorices and Moomin sweets which are children’s favourites. Order these treats for yourself or as a gift!

Delicious and soft liquorices for every taste

Liquorice is a real and beloved Nordic specialty. Liquorice is a confectionery which is typically made of liquorice extract (from the roots of the liquorice plant), sugar and binder such as wheat flour or starch. Black liquorice contains very little fat, around 0,5 %, and it gives you long lasting energy.

You can find liquorices from our selection which are flavoured with Nordic berries such as lingonberry, cranberry and blueberry. Or perhaps you would be more interested to try more modern versions of the traditional liquorice, made from oats or spelt? Oat liquorice has a soft and rich taste and it is made from 100 % Finnish oats. And best of all, it is also suitable for vegans! Spelt liquorice is made from organic whole grain spelt flour, molasses, coconut palm sugar and licorice. It is perfect for those who usually avoid sweets because only a few bites will satisfy the occasional sweet tooth. 😉

Moomin sweets for the little ones

The smallest family members will love our Moomin sweets! The delicious Moomin fruit sweets and pastilles are as soft and sweet as hugs from Moominmamma. The Moomin lollipops are a classic treat: the heart-shaped lollipops come in three different flavours, raspberry, lemon and pear.

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