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Cereals, mueslis and porridges are great for breakfast or snack due to their ease of use. Wholegrain cereals which don’t contain any added sugar are the perfect choice for the morning. They contain lots of fibers which will keep you energized and hunger away for longer. Get to know our selection of flakes, cereals and mueslis and order today!

Spelt – a protein-rich grain

Spelt (dinkel wheat or hulled wheat) is a species of wheat which has been cultivated since 5000 B.C. in the Middle East and Europe. Spelt was replaced by wheat and durum wheat by the 19th century but it has regained its popularity in recent decades, especially in Central Europe and Northern Spain.

Spelt endures pests better than regular wheat and requires less fertilizer which is why it is more suitable for organic farming. Spelt also has lots of fibers and more protein than normal wheat, approximately 13-18 g / 100 g. Spelt also contains lots of vitamin B and various minerals, such as manganese, phosphorus and niacin. Spelt contains gluten so it is not suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Spelt is a versatile grain. It is used to make flours, flakes, crackers, pasta, porridge, liquorice and kama, a Finnish finely milled flour mixture. Spelt is also used for brewing beers and even vodka. The taste of spelt resembles the taste of wheat, only that it’s a bit sweeter and nuttier. Spelt it therefore excellent for baking.