Collection: Face Care

The best skincare from the Nordic nature

Our skin faces many challenges through the changing seasons and different life situations. Our selection includes face care products made from the Nordic nature’s high-quality and pure ingredients. The products are packed with natural nourishing and effective ingredients which help you to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Treat your face with the best ingredients the Earth can give!

Skincare products for every need

In the North, we live under quite harsh conditions the majority of the year, with long and cold winters and quickly changing temperatures. Our skin faces many different challenges throughout the year. That is why we have also become masters at developing skin care products which keep the skin balanced no matter the strains it is exposed to - wind, sun, changes in temperature, air pollution or chemicals.

You can find unscented products as well as products with scents straight from nature, such as the Nordic woods, midsummer roses, herbs and berries. These products pamper all your senses!

You will find all the essential face care products from our selection:

Good skincare routine is the key to a glowing skin

The skin’s wellbeing can be greatly affected with cleansing and treating the skin with the right products. The face should be cleansed every morning and evening with products suitable for your own skin type. Cleansing should be followed by a moisturizing product which nourishes and soothes the skin. Face scrubs and masks should also be used every once in a while, depending on the condition of your skin. Lip balm protects the delicate skin on the lips from cold, wind and the sun.