Collection: Shampoos

Treat your hair with a natural shampoo!

Shampoos made of natural ingredients are gentle for the hair and the scalp. You can find natural shampoos, soap bars and dry shampoos for all hair types from our selection. The multi-purpose soap bars can also be used to wash both skin and hair. Try for example the Tundra Natural shampoo soaps, handmade according to the tried and tested traditions from the finest ingredients found in the Arctic nature. Get to know the selection and pick the one that suits your needs the best!

Wash your hair regularly with a shampoo suitable for your hair type

Our hair is strained each day by different environmental factors such as the sun’s UV radiation, temperature changes, air pollution and the use of hair products and heat tools such as the blow dryer. Even your diet affects the condition of your hair.

Regular wash maintains the wellbeing of the hair, by helping the hair to maintain its shine, volume and strength. Washing is also important for the wellbeing of the scalp. Washing cleanses the scalp from excess hair styling products, oil, dirt and other harmful substances that stick to the hair and the scalp.

Natural shampoos are gentle for the hair and scalp

Many people can be sceptical about natural shampoos reaching the level of their synthetic counterparts regarding their quality or effectiveness. However, over the years, new techniques have been adopted in the development of natural shampoos which has bridged the gap between natural and synthetic shampoos.

Today natural shampoos match the textures and the cleansing power of synthetic shampoos – and they are also most often the more ecological option. Natural shampoos are gentle for the hair and scalp. They are free from synthetic colorants, scents and preservatives. They also don’t contain strong tensides such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

Hair type and the condition of the scalp should be taken into consideration when choosing the right shampoo. You can find natural shampoos for every need here at Arctic Pure – get to know the selection!