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Day creams for all the pretty faces

Day cream moisturizes the skin and protects it from external stress such as air pollution, temperature changes and UV radiation. The right day cream also treats the individual needs of your skin: it moisturizes dry areas or prevents the clogging of the pores. Day cream should be selected according to your skin type and the current needs of your skin. Day cream is spread on the face and neck in the morning after cleansing. A good day cream also absorbs well and leaves the skin smooth for applying makeup. Find the right day cream for yourself from Arctic Pure!

What’s the difference between day cream and night cream?

People often wonder what is the difference between day cream and night cream and whether it is really necessary to use them both separately. The skin has different needs during the daytime and the nighttime, so if you want to take as good care of your skin as possible, it is indeed good to use both of these creams.

Day cream is designed to protect the skin. Skin needs protection during the day from the damaging external factors such as microbes, impurities and UV radiation. Day cream protects the skin’s own protective mechanisms. Day cream often contains SPF protection and is lighter than night cream.

Night cream on the other hand is designed to repair the skin from the daytime damage. Night cream is therefore heavier and contains more nurturing active ingredients than day cream.

Qualities of a good day cream

  • absorbs well on the skin and leaves the skin moisturized
  • doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the skin
  • provides a smooth surface for makeup
  • has sun protection
  • supports the individual needs of your skin

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