Collection: Finnish specialties

Dive into the Finnish culture!

We warmly welcome you to explore the best, most unique and also the most eccentric stuff that comes from Finland! Here you can get better acquainted with Finnish flavors, habits and beauty rituals that will give you a deeper insight into our wonderful culture. Try the Finnish delicacies made from local ingredients sourced from our clean forests and lakes, or gear up for the perfect sauna experience with our sauna products. Get to know the selection and find your new favorites! 💙

Explore Finnish flavors, habits and beauty rituals

Each country has their own quirks and specialties, and Finland is no exception to this! We at Arctic Pure have wanted to share all these wonderful things we have to offer here in Finland. From our selection, you can find delicious and nutritious berry products, exciting Nordic delicacies such as licorices and reindeer meat as well as luxurious natural cosmetics.

Our nature is among the cleanest and purest in the world and our cold winters and light summers provide a unique habitat for many of our foods, such as berries and oats. That is why the stuff that comes from our Nordic nature is extremely dense in nutrition and intense in flavor.

Here you can also get to know our sauna culture better and gear up for a night of relaxing steams yourself. You can find sauna fragrances and sauna gear from our selection that will create a relaxing and luxurious sauna or spa experience for you.

We recommend you to try especially the following Finnish specialties:

  • spelt products
  • oats products
  • licorices
  • natural cosmetics
  • sauna products
  • berry powders
  • canned reindeer meats and reindeer bone broth powder
  • crisp breads

Keep an open mind and get to know the selection!