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Riipisen Reindeer Meat Spread

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Ready to use reindeer meat spread. Pure Finnish Gourmet Quality.

Use with crackers, sandwich cakes, bread or tapas.

Game delicacies from Finland

Game delicacies from Finland
Riipisen is a Finnish family-owned company which is known for their canned game delicacies and the best game restaurant in Finland. The selection includes canned reindeer, elk and bear meat, as well as berry powders and berry jellies inspired by the Nordic nature. The company was founded in 1989 by Pekka and Päivi Riipinen, a couple joined together by their mutual love of nature. In 1992 they opened a legendary restaurant “Riipisen Riistaherkut” at the ski resort in Ruka, located in the North of Finland. Since then the family business has grown and gained high popularity in Finland. Today their products can be ordered abroad as well!