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Gift sets for every taste

Gift sets are a lovely and also a convenient way to remember your friend, family member or loved one on their special day. Our gift sets are also a good choice if you are looking to give something a bit different this time as a gift. Whether you are looking for a gift for a culinary enthusiast, a nature lover or someone in need for relaxation, you will find what you are looking for here. Explore the selection and give a gift full of Arctic wellness!

No more worrying on what to give as a gift!

You can find lovely and unique gift sets for every taste in our selection. Shop the gifts of wellbeing for your loved ones (or for yourself)!

For the nature-loving culinarist

The Mettä gift sets are a dream come true for the nature-loving foodie! The three gift sets contain the best flavors of the Nordic nature.

  • Mettä Functional Herbal Teas set contains herbal teas for starting and finishing the day. The Calm Sleep Herbal Tea contains fireweed and raspberry leaves and heather flower, all known for their calming effects. The Good Morning Herbal Tea contains marigold, raspberry leaf and green mint which are used for their invigorating effect.
  • Mettä Culinary Adventure gift set contains the treasures of the Finnish forests in a beautiful package. You can find porcini salt, nettle pesto and lingonberry xylitol in this gift set, all 100 % pure and natural Nordic superfood flavours to add to your cooking.
  • Mettä Nordic Sweet & Salty gift set contains the Mettä nettle salt and lingonberry xylitol. The nettle salt is paired with goutweed and dill and is excellent for everyday or gourmet cooking. The lingonberry xylitol is a natural and healthy way to sweeten smoothies, porridges and drinks. Try this pink sweetener in baking as well!

We naturally have something for the chocolate fan as well. Goodio makes handmade gourmet chocolates known for their exciting flavors and uncompromising quality. Goodio Spring Flavors chocolate set contains fennel and lemon chocolates will take you on a journey to the renewing spring season.

For the Hygge enthusiast

The Hetkinen sauna scents and scent diffusers are a treat for the senses. The Hetkinen products are based on the health benefits of trees. Scent diffusers will fill the room with scents that calm, relax or invigorate the mind, depending on the need. Would the receiver of the gift prefer the scent of a calming pine forest? Or would they maybe need more of a little pick-up with the Finnish sisu fragrance (Finnish sisu = a concept that describes the famous stoic determination and resilience of the Finns)? These room scents are packaged in beautiful wooden and glass jars which charm with their beauty.

Delight your loved one with a gift set from Arctic Pure!