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Goodio – craft chocolate from Helsinki with love!

Goodio chocolates are handmade in Helsinki, Finland. Goodio chocolates are made from carefully selected, premium quality, organic and mostly raw and wild ingredients. As many ingredients as possible are sourced locally from Finland, such as blueberries, mints, sea-buckthorns and cranberries. All Goodio chocolates are 100 % vegan. Try these delicious and nutritious chocolate bars full of exciting flavors!

The best raw chocolate is made from organic cacao beans

Goodio was founded in 2015 in Helsinki. Goodio’s aim was to bring Nordic-inspired flavors to a chocolate brand for the global consumer, all in a transparent, fair and sustainable way.

Goodio’s cacao comes from organic non-GMO farms in Peru, Ecuador and Congo. Goodio uses raw chocolate instead of processed cocoa to ensure the highest nutritional content as possible. Raw cacao is high in antioxidants and classified as superfood. Goodio chocolate is minimally processed to keep the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. Indonesian and Sri Lankan coconut sugar, which has low Glycemic Index, is used for sweetening.

Unroasted cacao beans are grinded in a stone mill with other ingredients for three days. Stone grinding is an ancient technique that preserves the nutritional components of the ingredients and ensures a smooth and silky consistency for the chocolate. With modern equipment, the temperature of chocolate can easily rise too high changing the properties of the ingredients. Low production temperatures ensure a rich taste that honors cacao and it’s origins.

After the grinding the chocolate is tempered. Tempering improves the quality of the chocolate, makes the surface of the chocolate shiny and highlights the flavor. The fat in cocoa butter is crystallized to a desired form with tempering. After tempering the chocolate mass is poured into molds and cooled down.

Finally the Goodio raw chocolates are packed in a biodegradable wrapper, slipped into their beautiful cardboard package and sealed with the Goodio emblem.

Craft chocolate - respect for the quality, taste and origin of the cacao beans

Craft chocolate - or bean-to-bar or artisan chocolate - refers to a way of making chocolate from transparently sourced raw cacao beans, often coming from a single origin location. It is a countermove to mass produced and over-processed chocolate. The best craft chocolate makers know the origins of their cacao beans well and buy the beans directly from the producers. Respect for high quality, taste and origins of the chocolate are essential.

The land and farming practices determine the quality and taste of chocolate. Craft chocolate is made on a small scale from high-quality, simple and pure ingredients. Craft chocolate makers place a strong emphasis on the inherent flavor of the beans, enhancing the natural flavors of the cacao bean. The raw cacao beans are roasted to deepen the flavors, ground into fine paste and sweetened with unrefined sugars.