Collection: SEES Company

Ecological cleaning products and natural cosmetics

SEES Company makes ecological cleaning products and natural cosmetics. You can find for example laundry vinegars, fabric sprays, essential oils, body oils and hair care products in the SEES Company selection. SEES Company combines high quality with natural ingredients and Nordic design.

Esthetical and natural home products

The story of SEES Company began in 2019 from the need to create home products and cosmetics which combine natural and high-quality ingredients and Finnish design. The goal of SEES Company is to make products which bring a bit of luxury to everyday living. The selection of SEES Company includes:

  • laundry vinegars
  • fabric sprays
  • soy wax candles
  • body oils
  • hair care products
  • essential oils

Fresh luxury for your home

The scents of the SEES Company products are based on natural essential oils. The combination of scents have been carefully selected and each combination has refreshing, strengthening or relaxing effects. The products are also packed in elegant packages which lift your spirits while doing house chores.

Natural ingredients that are good for you, your home and the environment

The products of SEES Company are made from natural, pure and high-quality ingredients. All the products are vegan and do not contain any artificial ingredients. For example soy wax candles release much less toxins in the room compared to the traditional stearin candles. Laundry vinegar is an ecological and gentle option for fabric softeners and gives just as fresh an end result.

The SEES Company products do NOT contain any of the following:

  • ingredients of animal origin
  • genetically modified ingredients
  • mineral oils
  • silicates
  • artificial colorants or scents
  • artificial preservatives

Get to know the wonderful selection of SEES Company and pick your favorites!