Collection: Seasoning

Seasoning makes food memorable

Seasoning gives flavour, colour and scent to food. The most basic seasoning can be done with salt and pepper – after that only sky's the limit. Seasoning is a matter of taste and requires a bit of practice and an open mind. Little by little anyone can learn new flavours and combinations of flavours. It is good to use spices so that one flavour doesn’t overrule all others and the flavours remain in harmony.

Spices are prepared from the dried leaves, flowers or fruits of herbs or by grinding seeds, roots, barks and stems. You can find wonderful wild herbs from our selection to complete your spice cabinet.

Wild herbs not only season but nourish as well

Thanks to the pure Finnish nature, wild herbs utilized in cooking can in some areas be picked straight from your own yard. Herbs grown in the wild are healthy and rich in nutrients. You can find single wild herbs and ready-made spice mixes from our webshop.

Try the wonderful wild herbs!

The shopkeeper’s personal favourite is nettle which is at its best in the early spring. Did you know that nettle contains more iron than spinach?