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The secret weapon of sage lies in its ability to get rid of greasiness and highlight the flavour of a dish. Sage is an excellent herb for all meat dishes. Sauces, soups, cutlets, minced meat dishes, pastas and rosottos are all good applications for sage.

Using the product

Sage especially highlights the flavours of cabbage, onion and beans. If you want to make the signature flavour of sage milder, you should add a good amount of parsley. Sage and rosemary work especially well together.


Some of the essential oil in sage is poisonous tuyon. Although there is only a small amount of tuyon in sage, using large amounts of sage over a long period of time may cause nervous system and digestive irregularities. Use of large amounts of sage is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, nor for children.

Heikkilä's Herbs

Heikkilä's Herbs
At the heart of Finland's provincial landscapes of lakes and fields, the Saarinen family grows fresh herbs that they use to make delicious herb mixes. Terhi and Jussi Saarinen want to offer you an exceptional, Finnish option for adding flavour to all of your dishes. At the same time, they want to help you save time and energy spent thinking by developing ready-to-use mixes for all sorts of foods. The selection includes spice rack stapes like basil and oregano, as well as less commonly used varieties like lovage or nettle. Also be sure to try out the dip mixes the Saarinen family named after their children - they're an easy way to get a delicious dip just by mixing with sour cream!