Collection: Heikkilä's

Delicious herbs and spices

At the heart of Finland's provincial landscapes of lakes and fields, the Saarinen family grows fresh herbs that they use to make delicious herb mixes. Terhi and Jussi Saarinen want to offer you an exceptional way to add flavour to all of your dishes and to help you save time and energy with ready-to-use mixes for all sorts of foods. The selection includes spice rack stapes like basil and oregano, as well as less commonly used varieties like lovage and nettle. Also be sure to try out the dip mixes the Saarinen family named after their children - they're an easy way to get a delicious dip just by mixing with sour cream!

Herbs and spices free from artificial aromas or preservatives

Heikkilä herb farm is located in the village of Rahula in Eastern Finland, an area also known as Lake-Finland which many people consider the most beautiful area of Finland. The Saarinen family wants to offer first-class and exceptional spices for all of your dishes:

  • quality herbs cultivated, dried and packaged in Finland
  • delicious dip mixes
  • pure spices free from additives

The herbs and spices are excellent for traditional home cooked meals as well as for Italian or French dishes. A fun detail about the products is that the herb dip mixes are named after the four children of the Saarinen family: Veera, Silja, Martta and Otto. You can prepare a quick yet tasty dip by adding the herb dip mix to sour cream or yogurt.