Luonkos Jauhedeodorantti Powerful

  • Luonkos Jauhedeodorantti Powerful

Luonkos Jauhedeodorantti Powerful

34.95 €

Package Size: 50 g Inventory Quantity: 15 Manufacturing Country: Finland

A deodorant powder without baking soda, alcohol or water, made by Luonkos. Contains the Finnish top innovation, Reconnecting Nature™ forest-microbe extract. 

  • A texture that is effective but gentle on the skin
  • 100% vegan
  • An extremely long-lasting zero waste product

Fruitful – a caring concentrate without aluminium or baking soda, for feeling fresh.

Minimises the risk on skin irritation, a gentle and ecological friend for your skin. Fruitful prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odours and balances the bacterial levels in your armpits.

In addition to the armpits, the product can be used, for example, in other creases, under the breasts and on feet.

Fruitful by Luonkos contains forest-microbe extract, oats, white clay, barley starch, zinc lactate, magnesium and fine sea salt, among others.

Using the product

The deodorant powder is packaged in a handy plastic-free shaker box for easy application. Sprinkle about half a teaspoon of powder on the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water to the powder. Make into an even paste by mixing with a finger and apply the deodorant to your armpits.

The powder can be used on feet, for example, by carefully sprinkling the dry powder on them like talc.

Store the deodorant powder protected from moisture.