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Superfoods boost a healthy diet

Superfood is food with exceptionally high nutrient content. That's why they are a healthy supplement for anyone's diet. Superfoods include, for example, a huge amount of vitamins and minerals important to our body. You can enjoy Superfoods as such or add to yoghurt, smoothies, porridge or muesli.

Berries (122)

The clean nature and the forests and swamps of the North provide an excellent habitat for edible plants. Thanks to everyman’s right, anyone can go to the forest in Finland and pick as much berries, mushrooms and wild herbs as they want. Even during a poorer year, 100 kilos or twenty buckets of be...

Mushrooms (35)

In case you suffer from penicillin allergy or you are under cytostatic treatment, please consult your doctor on the suitability of the products. Try and feel the health benefits of mushrooms!

Greens (23)

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Seasoning (45)

Spices are prepared from the dried leaves, flowers or fruits of herbs or by grinding seeds, roots, barks and stems. You can find wonderful wild herbs from our selection to complete your spice cabinet. Wild herbs not only season but nourish as well Thanks to the pure Finnish nature, wild herbs uti...

Snacks (91)

Dry Products (21)