Collection: Power cards

Power cards for greater self-knowledge and stillness

Power cards are a helpful tool for everyday life. Whether you are in need of relieving stress, managing anxiety, sleeping better or regaining lost confidence, power cards help you on your way. Power cards ask you thought-provoking questions which can help you initiate powerful inner self talk. This will help you on your journey toward empowering yourself. The beautifully illustrated power cards are also a wonderful gift idea for someone you really care about. Let the power cards steer your thoughts towards a brighter, happier and more balanced life.

Stay grounded with the help of power cards

Sometimes it is good to stop for a while and reflect on your own thoughts and feelings. In our everyday hurries, we easily take our harmful self-talk as the truth and forget to question the negative and fearful thoughts that cause us anxiety and stress and that make us lose sleep at night.

Power cards will remind you to focus on what truly matters during the day. They help you steer your thoughts into a more positive and trusting way of thinking even amidst a difficult situation. Just pick a card, read it out loud and reflect on the message – and relax.

Keep the cards at hand at your workplace, put your favorite cards on your refrigerator door or place them on your nightstand.

You can find the following power cards in our selection:

The beautifully illustrated power cards are also a thoughtful gift for someone special who needs a bit of encouragement in their lives. 💚