Collection: Smoothie Mixes

Healthy meal in the blink of an eye

Smoothie is a fast and effortless meal which can easily be tailored to tickle everyone’s taste buds. We offer a selection of ready-made smoothie mixes which will provide you your daily dosage of berries, fruits and greens. The ready-made smoothie mixes turn incredibly quickly into a whole nutritious meal when mixed in water. You can also explore our selection of superfoods and make your own smoothie mixes. Start a healthier life today and take smoothies as a part of your daily diet!

Ease your day with smoothies mixes

Ready-made smoothie mixes such as Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal can be used to replace a full meal as they are designed to have a balanced nutrition profile. They contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins which will keep the hunger away for longer. These smoothie mixes can be used for a healthy breakfast, snack or even lunch when you are short on time. They are extremely easy to prepare: just add water and you have yourself a full meal!

Some smoothie mixes such as Ambronite AmbroGreens, Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake and Nordic Hempfarm Organic Hemp Powder are meant to be mixed with for example porridge, yogurt or milkshake. These smoothie mixes are an easy way to make sure that you get enough of greens, proteins or essential omega fatty acids.

Smoothies have many benefits, as they:
  • are easy to prepare
  • are good for breakfast, snack or lunch
  • taste delicious
  • are easy on the stomach
Ease your day with ready-made smoothie mixes!