Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake

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Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake delivers a real food meal that is gentle on the stomach and provides you with 20 grams of protein, plenty of fiber, and food based vitamins and minerals. Each meal is guaranteed to quench hunger for four hours.

Gentle on the stomach

We use only clean real food ingredients - something that your body can recognize and digest easily. No GMOs, dairy, soy, artificial additives or other nonsense.

Food-based vitamins and minerals

Each Balanced meal shake gives you a load of veggies, berries and fruit that provides your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-digest format.

Faster and more affordable than fast food

Balanced meal shake can be prepared in under a minute and it costs you only 4,95 € per full 400 kcal meal.

How to use?

Mix 95 g / 3.4 oz of Ambronite with 500 ml / 2 - 2.5 cups of cold water, plant-based milk, or add into your favorite smoothie recipe.

Ambronite – meal shakes from real foods

Ambronite – meal shakes from real foods
Ambronite was founded by five friends in Finland with the help of crowdfunding after a successful debut at Restaurant Day. Ambronite develops and manufactures meal shakes made of real and clean plant-based ingredients such as almonds, oats, coconut, apple, bilberries, spinach, nettle, sea-buckthorn and rice protein. The ingredients have been dried in under 42 degrees so that they would best maintain their nutritional value. The products are free from artificial ingredients or unnecessary additives. The Ambronite meal shakes function as fast, healthy and nutritious snacks, lunch or easy food you can bring with you on trips.

Perfect match

Ambronite Complete Plant Protein
Ambronite Complete Plant Protein
Ambronite Complete Plant Protein is the perfect source of daily protein for bulletproof health, nutritional insurance and increasing muscle and strength. It packs 22 grams of complete protein per serving, 4 grams of BCAAs, plus vital food-based vitamins and minerals to optimally support muscle growth, recovery and longevity. It’s the tastiest, smoothest plant protein out there. Fully absorbed and easy on the stomach, with a powerful natural digestive enzyme. 1 Serving Gives You: 22 g of complete protein, including 4 g BCAAs 2.7 g of fiber and a natural digestive enzyme for optimal absorption and a happy gut Selection of food-based vitamins and minerals to support muscle The Best Tasting Plant Protein. Ever! Complete and Fully Absorbed Protein that's Easy on the StomachThe perfect mix of pea, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed proteins provide 22 g of protein, 4 grams of BCAAs and a complete amino acid profile. Gut-friendly fibers and a powerful natural digestive enzyme ensure that the protein is optimally absorbed. Key Micronutrients for Increasing Strength, Recovery and Longevity Zinc, selenium, chromium and B group vitamins boost the protein's benefits for strength, recovery and longevity. Unrivalled Taste From Real Berries We used real blackberries, bilberries (wild blueberries), strawberries and raspberries to create an incredible taste that's as smooth as whey, without the stomach issues. How to use? Mix one scoop (35 g) of Ambronite with 500 ml / 2 - 2.5 cups of cold water, plant-based milk, or add into your favorite smoothie recipe.
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