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Healthy crisp breads for every taste

Oululainen has been making bread and pastries for over 100 years. The first Oululainen crisp breads were baked already in 1955 and the recipe has remained the same ever since. All the crisp breads are baked in Finland from Finnish rye and oats. The crisp breads taste particularly good with warm soups but they are also convenient to have in the kitchen cupboards as emergency food since they store really well. Order the original Nordic crisp breads for yourself or give them as a gift!

Beloved baked goods for over a 100 years

Oululainen was founded in 1909 by Kaarlo and Vilhelmiina Helenius. Vilhelmiina was trained as a baker in the city of Oulu located in Northern Finland, after which the brand was also named. Since its very first days, Oululainen has baked all its products in Finland from Finnish grains.

Today Oululainen is a part of Fazer, the most beloved food brands in Finland. Oululainen offers a wide range of baked goods such as breads, buns and crisp breads. Oululainen is the most well-known for its Jälkiuuni bread which has been baked since 1947. Jälkiuuni bread is baked from Oululainen’s own sourdough root slowly at a low oven temperature (the name jälkiuuni refers to the afterheat of the oven).This gives the bread a unique and intense flavor of rye and a heavy texture. In 2017 Oululainen launched the Jälkiuuni rye chips which are jälkiuuni bread in a dried snack form. The Oululainen rye chips are also available at Arctic Pure.

Rye bread, the Finnish national treasure

Rye and rye bread are close to the Finns’ hearts. In the Finnish culture rye is considered a symbol of strength and sisu (a Finnish concept for resilience) and for many Finns rye bread represents healthy food in a delicious form. It is no wonder that rye bread has been selected as the national food of Finland.

The rye used in breads is almost always wholegrain rye. Finnish rye bread is baked from sourdough with traditional methods. The sourdough gives rye bread its strong flavor. Rye bread is more dense than white bread and it has a darker color.

Research has shown that rye bread has many health benefits. Rye bread is particularly rich in high-quality fibers which contain vitamins and minerals. Rye bread which has high amounts of fiber is a good source of vitamin B1, folic acid, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Rye bread is good for the wellbeing of the gut.