Cookie policy

Updated 20.5.2018

In our online services, we use long term and short term "cookies" to develop services, personalize content suggestions and user experiences, and target advertising. For the sake of simplicity, the term "cookie" in this policy, refers to other similar techniques alongside the actual cookies.

Cookies allow text based information, such as a browser tag or language selection, to be placed in the user's browser. Long term cookies are available to the site, which set the cookies, while the user is navigating the site, even if the user closes the browser in between or visits other online services. Short term cookies are only available to that site and will disappear when the user closes the browser or visits another site.

Cookies allow user information to be collected for different uses. For more information about the collected information, please see our Privacy Policy.

We have divided cookies into categories according to their intended use. The user has the opportunity to control the use of permanent cookies from the cookie settings on our site or from the cookie settings of a more widely used browser. Below are examples of the uses of each category of cookies and how the use of cookies in that category is visible to the user of the online service.

Functional Cookies: These cookies are essential for the operation of the services. These cookies enables a variety of site features such as sign-in, shopping cart, and language options.

Personalization and recommendation: Cookies in this category are used to personalize services and to ensure the best possible user experience, and to recommend content that is of interest to the user. If desired, the user may prevent the use of permanent cookies of this category, so that the content and user experience provided may not correspond to the user's preferences.

Advertisement targeting: This cookie category primarily refers to the cookies used to advertising targeting on sites so that the advertising displayed on the site is as interesting to the user as possible. The user may choose to block the use of permanent cookies in this category, whereby the ads displayed on the sites are based on short term cookies and on the content displayed instead of long term cookies. However, blocking does not reduce the amount of advertising on the sites.

Service development: With this category of cookies, we monitor the statistical use of sites, the most viewed pages, and the least viewed pages. This will help us to improve our business in the future.

Location details
In addition to cookies, we use location information collected through the IP address for all of the above uses and for example displaying local offers and newsletters. The accuracy of the location information we use is always a municipality, city, or a wider area.

Plugins and data collected by the third party
Our online services use add-ons related to social media sites, such as the Facebook and Instagram and Twitter buttons. Third parties, such as social media sites, can collect information about their users and use the information collected to tailor content to users, for example, when users are logged on to these services. The use of such services is subject to the terms and conditions of each service provider that can be verified from the service in question.

The other third party services we use, may collect information about the use of online services, for example, to recommend content or monitor the number of visitors.

We use the following services for customer service and communication:

Olark (Privacy Policy)

We use the following services for tracking traffic and analysing the use of e-commerce:

Google Analytics (Privacy Policy)
New Relic (Privacy Policy)

We use the following services to monitor marketing and advertising performance and remarketing:

Yahoo Ad Exchange
Google Adwords
Krux Digital
Aggregate Knowledge

The controller is not responsible for collecting or processing personal data of third parties.