Collection: Poikain Parhaat

Poikain Parhaat – the best of Finnish berries 🍓

Poikain Parhaat makes delicious jams, freeze-dried berries and alcohol-free festive drinks. All the products are handmade from pure Finnish berries, herbs and flowers. Experience the real flavors from real ingredients!

From hand made mulled wines to a complete berry brand

Poikain Parhaat is a young brand established in 2016 by two young Finnish guys, Nikolas and Pertti. The pair started their journey by making mulled wine for a Christmas fair in Tampere. Their handmade mulled wine was a success which encouraged them to develop more products, such as alcohol-free sparkling wines, limonades, coffees, teas, jams and free-dried berries. One thing which applies to all the products is the fact that they are all handmade from real ingredients from the Finnish nature.

Freeze-dried berries – enjoy berries around the year

Freeze-drying is a good way to preserve berries, as it also preserves their flavor, color and the healthy nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. The freeze-dried berries by Poikain Parhaat don’t contain any additives, sugar, preservatives, colorants or artificial flavors. They only contain 100 % whole Finnish berries.

You can add the freeze-dried berries to pretty much anything from smoothies to desserts. You can also add water to the freeze-dried berries which makes them regain their shape as a fresh berry.

Berry jams are made from 100 % real Finnish berries

The Poikain Parhaat berry jams are made from 100 % real berries hand picked from nature or gardens. One jar contains 75 % of fresh berries. The jams are sweetened with sugar and they don’t contain any artificial flavors or colorants.

The berries are preserved as whole as possible. This guarantees that the precious vitamins and fibers in the peels and seeds are also preserved.

Alcohol-free sparkling wines for the whole family

The festive drinks of Poikain Parhaat are hand made in small batches from real ingredients. The alcohol-free sparkling wines are made from Finnish berries and herbs, with respect to the real and original flavors.