Luonkos Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake

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Luonkos Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake is a facial cleansers for sensitive and normal skin. It is effective, vegan, preservative free and made by hand in Finland from high quality natural ingredients.

The best part? This delicious raw cake does not only effectively clean your skin but it also moisturizes and balances your skin towards it’s natural biological balance. The packaging is biodegradable and plastic free.

Oil cleansing cakes clean the makeup and skin, heal and nurture the skin with luxurious oils, natural plants and superfoods. They are all full of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and good fatty acids!

The product is also suitable for removing water resistant eye makeup.
Radiant oil cleansing cake does not contain added fragrances!

Effective Natural Raw Materials

  • Buckthorn is full of vitamin B, E, and C that balances the skin and accelerate its recovery.
  • Shea butter cares for and softens the skin, making it more springy and resistant to external strain.
  • Apricot stone oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Coconut oil and cocoa butter help to remove makeup and dirt from the skin

Using an oil cleaning cake

When using the cake daily, the skin starts to return to it’s natural biological moisture balance.

Impurities may initially be activated prior to their healing but the skin will soothe in couple of weeks. The product is unisex and lasts for 3 - 4 months on average in daily use.
1. Rub the cake with your dry clean hands 
2. Massage the oil on your dry face
3. Remove the oil with a warm moist cloth / sponge


  • The product can also be used as a facial mask!
  • The cake is made by hand so that it can show different colors. The raw materials are pure, high quality, preservative free and 100% natural but are intended to be consumed on your skin only.
  • Store the cake in a dry place and at room temperature (max. + 30 C).

Other skin type? Healing is for oily skin and Rebirth is for dry skin.

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