Hetkinen Wood Wick Trimmer

Hetkinen Wood Wick Trimmer

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Why do you need to trim candle wicks?

Take candle burning to the next level with a wood wick trimmer. The better you take care of your candle and the wick, the better and cleaner the candle burns. Trimming the wick keeps the candle burning smoke-free.

Candle wick trimmer is the secret to how you can make your candles burn longer

If the candle wick is too long the candle burns too hot and the wax burns faster. The container also gets covered in sooth. The secret of candle burning is to keep the wick 5 mm long.

Hetkinen’s wood wick trimmers are made of stainless steel with matte black coating. They are precise and sharp and can be used for woodwicks as well as for all kinds of candle wick.

Candles are like gardens. They show how you take care of them. The essential is simple.

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