Roberts Berrie Beauty Cloudberry & Sea Buckthorn

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Your Daily Berries with Zinc

Berrie is drinkable berries. You can enjoy Berrie as it is, chilled or room temperature, at home or on the go. Berrie is an easy way to enjoy your daily berries all year round.

Drinkable berrie is made with huge amount of whole, handpicked berries, including the skin and seeds, which are rich in flavonoids, vitamins and fiber. One cup of 100 ml contains 29 sea buckthorn berries, 9 cloudberries and 1 mg zinc.

  • Package includes 6 cups á 100 ml
  • Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Vegan
  • Source of zinc
  • Every bit of sweeteness comes from the berries and fruit

The most beautiful berries of the North

Wild Nordic berries grow in the forest under the Midnight sun. That is why their taste is so incredibly intense and they are full of nutrients.

Golden cloudberry and sea buckthorn are the ultimate, multi-task beautifiers. They contain i.a. vitamin C and E along with carotenoids to restore skin's luminosity. In addition to these beautyberries Berrie Beauty contains zinc.

Zinc helps to maintain immune system and contributes to well-being of the skin and hair when used as part of balanced and versatile diet and combined with healthy lifestyle. 

Shelf life

8 months stored at a room temperature. Storage refrigerated recommended.


Roberts, founded in 1910, is a Finnish family business. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the Nordic berry season throughout the year.

Additional info

Water, crushed whole cloudberries (14%), crushed whole sea buckthorns (12%), sweetening apple extract, apple pure, lemon juice, citrus fiber, preservative (potassium sorbate), zinc lactate.

Nutritional content 100 g
Energy (kJ), 204
Energy (kcal), 48
Fat (g), 0,5
- of which saturated (g), 0,1
Carbohydrate (g), 9,8
- of which sugar (g), 7,5
Dietary fiber (g), 1,5
Protein (g), 0,4
Salt (g), 0,03
Zinc (mg), 1

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