Puhdas+ Magnesium Sport Roll-On

Puhdas+ Magnesium Sport Roll-On

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Puhdas+ Magnesium Roll-on is a strong magnesium product for external use.

Use magnesium roll-on for magnesium deficiencies, eg. muscle cramps, growth pains, cramps and restless legs. Along with magnesium it contains glucosamin of plant origin and arnica extract. Glucosamin is component of joints and arnica extract reduces inflammation effectively.

The product soothes muscle and joint pain immediately and eases swelling caused by strains, sprains and repetitive strain injuries. Puhdas+ Magnesium sport Roll-On also expedites muscle recovery after physical stress.


Use the roll-on directly to the problem area. It's easy to apply on back and neck. Product is easy to use with out staining hands.

At the beginning of the use, magnesium can cause mild tingling and slight redness on sensitive skin, which usually stops when continuing use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucosa. Shake before using.

Pure supplements with only the most essential ingredients

Pure supplements with only the most essential ingredients
Puhdas+ was founded for the passion to make more pure and simple health and wellness products and cosmetics. The Finnish company chooses primarily Finnish ingredients for their products and the products are manufactured by qualified professionals in Finnish certified factories. the product development team at Puhdas+ strives to take their customers’ allergies and diets into consideration as well as possible. That is why the products are manufactured as vegan, gluten and lactose-free whenever it is possible.

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