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5 important ingredients to keep you healthy and beautiful

1. Omega 3 – take care of your brain, heart and eyes

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in nature in certain vegetable oils such as linseed oil, as well as fatty fish such as salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids of vegetable oils do not transform very well into the EPA and DHA form found in fish. That is why a high quality fish oil is one of the most significant supplements. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are long chain fatty acids important for people of all ages.

EPA and DHA are important for cell membranes, the nervous system, brain, heart, sight and immune defense. EPA soothes inflammation reactions and DHA is important especially for the nervous system and the brain.

The Puhdas+ Premium Omega supplements are made from wild anchovy caught from the uncontaminated waters of the southern Pacific Ocean. The fish oil goes through a thorough purification process before ending up in the capsule. This is why the fish oil does not contain heavy metals or other toxins.

The Puhdas+ Omega-3 products have been granted the Friend of the Sea certificate. By purchasing products with the Friend of the Sea certificate you help to sustain natural fish stock and to support sustainable fishing. The certificate ensures that fishing is done with respect to the environment, the preservation of endangered fish, 100 % traceability and responsibility in every step of the process.

2. Lactic acid bacteria takes care of your gut

The gut microbiome is under continuous research. The gut microbiota balance has been discovered to affect many things in the body, such as the immune defense, skin health and the function of the nervous system and the brain.

The hurry of everyday life, bad nutrition, stress as well as antibiotics all affect the gut microbiota balance – and also provide good reasons to take good care of your gut. Even if you live a relatively low-stress life and are also relatively healthy, it is always good to take care of the gut to prevent any problems from occurring in the future.

You can find a selection of lactic acid bacteria products from Puhdas+, of different strengths. When preventing imbalances in the gut microbiota and to maintain a good gut microbiome, it is recommended to choose a product which contains a minimum of 5 billion lactic acid bacteria per one capsule, from well researched bacteria strains. Puhdas+ lactic acid bacteria products contain either 5 or 10 billion bacteria and they contain a combination of four well-researched bacteria strains.

3. Magnesium for the muscles

Our daily diet is not necessarily healthy and diverse enough which is why magnesium deficiency is common. There may be enough magnesium for the most important functions of the body but it doesn’t mean that the intake of magnesium would be optimal. Stress, physical strain and various illnesses also consume magnesium from the body.

Magnesium is needed for example for the normal function of bones, muscles and the heart. Magnesium deficiency may be connected with muscle spasms, cramps, irregular heartbeats, fatigue and increased blood pressure. Magnesium is quite safe to enjoy as a supplement: too high dosage is easy to recognize as it causes diarrhea. Magnesium can be taken in small doses during meals or as a bigger dose in the evening before going to bed.

There are many kinds of magnesium supplements, ones which are taken orally or ones which are used on the skin. Puhdas+ Quattro Magnesium is the most versatile magnesium product on the market. It contains four different forms of magnesium and is thus a four-effect product. It is also easy on the stomach and absorbs well.

4. Collagen keeps your skin beautiful

Puhdas+ Collagen & hyaluronic acid supplement

Collagen is a flexible protein which is essential for the skin and the flexible supportive tissues of the body, such as tendons, cartilage and muscle membranes. Collagen also exists in the bones. As much as 40 % of the protein in the body is collagen. The formation of collagen decreases with age which is why it is good to take it as a supplement.

The intake of collagen from nutrition has perhaps been more diverse in the olden days since previously people utilized all parts of the prey and fish. Nowadays many people consume only the meat. If you don’t have time to cook bone broth from bones or fish broth from paring, it is good to ensure a sufficient intake of collagen from high-quality and pure supplements.

We recommend getting to know the high-quality collagen supplements from Puhdas+. As with all Puhdas+ products, the collagen supplements don’t contain any extra additives or fillers, only the purest ingredients. The Puhdas+ selection includes collagen products which have been combined with our northern superberries bilberry and sea-buckthorn or biotin, zinc and vitamin C which are all important for the skin, hair and nails.

5. Retinol & bakuchiol – the wonder ingredients of skincare

Puhdas+ retinol and bakuchiol products

Retinol – a highly versatile skin care ingredient

Retinol is without a doubt one of the most effective ingredients used in skincare products. It clarifies the skin and renews and strengthens the production of collagen. Retinol may help to treat acne and impurities because it contains a lot of antioxidants and helps to fight inflammation. Retinol moderates the production of sebum which is why it is an excellent ingredient for treating oily skin. Regular use of retinol also helps to clarify the color of the skin.

Bakuchiol is considered a natural alternative for retinol

Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient which is just as effective in skin care as the more traditional retinol. This popular ingredient is good for the ones with sensitive skin or the ones who appreciate natural ingredients as it is vegan and gentle for the skin. Bakuchiol is extracted from the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant and it has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine for centuries.

Like retinol, bakuchiol strengthens and stimulates collagen production. This smoothes and clarifies the skin effectively. Bakuchiol also lightens liver spots and it has antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. Because it is a plant-based product, it does not irritate the skin like retinol can. Bakuchiol doesn’t increase sun sensitivity or lose its effectiveness in the sun so it is safe to use it day and night.

The effective Puhdas+ Revolutionary RETINOL Elixir keeps the skin dewy and clear by strengthening the skin’s own renewal process.

BAKUCHIOL Beauty Booster Elixir is a light but extremely effective in clarifying the skin and renewing the cells.

BAKUCHIOL Beauty Booster Cream contains bakuchiol and mimic bean extract. This is a combination which renews the cells effectively yet gently.

The products are made in Finland in a Cosmos certified factory, by following the strictest quality criteria. The products are made in an ethical and ecological way from high-quality ingredients.

Puhdas+ was established out of the love of simplicity and purity. The products are free from additives and anything extra.

Puhdas+ is a 100 % Finnish company. The products are made in certified factories in Finland by well-trained and experienced professionals. The product development always aims at the goal of as many people as possible to be able to use the products. Puhdas+ always prioritizes ethical and ecological ways of working.

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