Fazer Alku Soft Granola Bites Apple Snack Biscuit

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

Combines the flavours of apple and oat and is made exclusively from oats

Experience the comforting flavors of apple and oat in every Fazer Alku Soft Granola Bites Apple Snack Biscuit. Lovingly created from exclusively Finnish oats, these soft granola bites capture the innate sweetness of oats paired with the delightful taste of real apples for a truly satisfying snack.

With a dedication to natural ingredients and a connection to Finnish heritage, Fazer Alku Soft Granola bites are prepared using oats that are ground in our very own Lahti mill, ensuring a freshness that you can taste. Conscious of our environmental footprint, these granola bites are baked to perfection without the use of palm oil, aligning with your eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite on the move or a pleasant treat during your break, Fazer Alku Soft Granola Bites Apple Snack Biscuit offers the ultimate in convenience without compromising on quality. And with their vegan-friendly recipe, they're a snack that everyone can enjoy.

Additional info

Whole grain OAT flakes (32%), whole grain OAT groats (21%), rapeseed oil, OAT syrup, apple purée (6%), apple juice concentrate (4%), isomaltulose*, stabilizer (glycerol), apple powder (2,6%), psyllium, carrot powder, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), salt, flavourings, cardamom, gelling agent (pectin), citrus fiber.

MAY CONTAIN MUSTARD SEEDS, SESAME SEEDS, MILK, WHEAT, EGG AND HAZELNUTS. *isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose.

Nutritional content / 100 g
Energy (kJ), 1848
Energy (kcal), 441
Fat (g), 20
- of which saturated (g), 2
Carbohydrate (g), 54
- of which sugar (g), 20,5
Protein (g), 8,3
Salt (g), 0,52
Fibers (g), 7,4

Fazer Confectionary Oy

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