Djusie Full Bloom Box Skincare Set

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Djusie Full Bloom Box contains everything you need for your skin to maintain its vibrant, juicy, bright and tight look and feel all year round!

The set includes Djusie’s first three pioneering products: Liquid Silk Cleansing Oil, Acid Bloom Balancing Essence and Fruit Glaze Facial Oil. The set also comes with an annually changing Djusie Original Art Print (30x30 cm).

Our goals for the Djusie Full Bloom set:

  • provide your skin with abundant hydration
  • maintain the skin’s ideal pH balance
  • strengthen your skin barrier.

This triple treat makes sure that your skin is always at its best, and all you need is to follow a simple skincare routine. Cleanse your skin with silky cleansing oil, brighten it up with balancing essence containing gluconolactone and fade out any pigmentation changes with juicy nourishing facial oil.

Your skin can take care of itself, but you can help it to strengthen and function effectively. By strengthening the skin’s protective barriers and nurturing the skin’s good bacteria, you will avoid many skin problems. A well-hydrated skin is also functional and healthy.

A minimalist skincare routine will make your skin look abundantly hydrated and radiant. Djusie products are made in Finland, and they are packed in colourful glass bottles full of zest, so they are pretty easy on the eyes.

Djusie, developed by Katja Kokko, is a natural cosmetics line certified by Ecocert. The Djusie philosophy is to provide functional, top-quality skincare with a reasonable price. In addition to spreading the joy of having juicy skin, we want to send an another message – the importance of humanity and self-acceptance. We are all beautiful and important. 

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Cosmos Organic certified product. See all Cosmos Organic certified products.

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