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A forerunner on juicy natural cosmetics and F-beauty

Djusie is a brand new natural cosmetics brand which embodies the key ideas of F-beauty (Finnish beauty): simple yet effective skincare and appreciating your unique natural beauty. The juicy Djusie products are based on a combination of carefully selected, high-quality natural ingredients which result in a glowing and fresh-looking skin. Djusie is created by one of the most prominent experts of natural cosmetics and holistic beauty in Finland, Katja Kokko. Not only does Djusie make unexceptionally delightful products, they also donate a part of their profit for mental health work. Try Djusie and enjoy your juicy skin!

Minimalistic products combined with effective skincare techniques

Djusie helps you to achieve a glowing, balanced and well moisturized skin with minimalistic skincare products. The Djusie products are made in Finland and they have been granted the Ecocert certificate.

The key idea of Djusie is that less is more – first of all, you don’t need to use a zillion products daily to achieve beautiful skin and second, only necessary and truly beneficial ingredients are included in the products. However, this minimalism does not mean that you would need to give up the enjoyment of skincare. The scents and consistencies of the products pamper all your senses. Djusie also advises you on relaxing applying techniques which will help you get the most of your products.

Be proud of your own unique natural beauty

Skincare rituals such a face massage enhance the effectiveness of the products and make the use of the Djusie products a holistic experience. Djusie is proud to be different and wants to spread the message of healthy self-esteem. Everything and everyone has a place in this world. Your own uniqueness is something to be proud of – after all, we are all living examples of natural beauty.

Djusie donates a part of the profits to mental health work

In addition to a juicy and healthy skin, Djusie also wants to work for mental wellbeing and healthy self-esteem. That is why a part of the profits are donated to mental health work as well as work for preventing school bullying.

The mission of Djusie is to spread the word on F-beauty all over the world!

The key products of natural skincare

The selection of Djusie include three essential product:

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The products are packed in recyclable glass packages.