Lacto Seven

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Natural lactil acid bacterial supplement

Lacto Seven contains seven different natural lactic acid bacterial strains (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium), inulin and vitamin D3. Inulin is fiber that serves as nutrient for lactic acid bacteria. Vitamin D contributes to normal function of the immune system.

Bacteria have been protected against stomach acidity

Lacto Seven contains a selection of bacterial strains that are naturally resistant to gastric acid. During the production of bacteria, they have been protected by a special Bio-support™ technology made of proprietary blend of proteins and polysaccharide complex. This technology ensures the survival of the bacteria during manufacturing processes, storage of the final product, and when passing through stomach acidity. The protection guarantees a good viability of the bacteria when they reach the gut. In the intestine the bacteria attach to gut mucosal membranes, colonise and produce a wide range of beneficial functions in the gut and body.

The intestinal microbe flora 

The estimated weight of the intestinal microbe flora is 1-1,5 kg. The flora consists mostly of bacteria whose number is 10 times higher than the number of body’s cells. Gut microbe flora begins to develope from the birth and continues to two years of age. After the early years the bacterial composition of the flora remains rather stable and individual, the most modifying factors are diet and antibiotic treatments. In healthy flora exists microbial balance. Lactic acid bacteria, the best known bacteria, maintain bacterial balance of the flora.


Use Lacto Seven every day, and ecspecially during antibiotics, when traveling and in diet changes.


  • Adults: 1-2 tablets a day
  • Children over 3 years: 1 tablet a day.
    • The tablets are swallowed with water.
    • Tablets can also be crushed.

A food supplement is not a substitution for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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Pycnogenol Strong 40 mg
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