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Valo24h Roasted Whole Flaxseed

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Valo24h Roasted Whole Flaxseeds have a crunchy hazelnutty flavor. The new roasting technology crisps the whole flaxseeds. They are easy to chew which allows all the good nutrients to be absorbed.

Flaxseeds have soluble fiber which balances the rise of blood sugar after meal and increases the feeling of satiety.

Valo24h Roasted Whole Flaxseeds can be used in salads, pastries, porridges, yoghurts and muesli. In baking the seeds should be dissolved in warm dough liquid for at least 20 minutes. This will create tasty and luscious bread which maintains the feeling of freshness for a long time.

The product is suitable for low-carbohydrate diet and for people with celiac disease.

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