Havuka Spruce Resin Balm for Animals

Havuka Spruce Resin Balm for Animals

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Nordic Natural Beauty Awards Winner "Best Paw Balm"

A pioneer in natural science, a physician and a collector of folk tales, Elias Lönnrot did a remarkable piece of work to preserve traditional folklore in the 19th century. On his journeys he visited Karelian folk singers and collected their poetry. These poems formed Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. However, an important part of Elias Lönnrot’s legacy goes beyond literature - his knowledge of the healing power of Finnish nature and nature’s own remedies.

Havuka artisan natural cosmetics treasures Elias Lönnrot’s recipes and brings his natural products to the present day. Our family has followed Elias’ paths for three generations. At first Lönnrot’s expertise was transmitted from father to daughter in everyday situations and through farm chores. The daughter did a lifelong work to preserve Elias’ heritage and developed Havuka’s natural cosmetics. Over the years working as a nurse, the daughter acquired proof of the products’ effectiveness for humans and animals.

Now the son continues on the very same path, preserving the legacy of Elias Lönnrot. With Havuka natural cosmetics you can invite a part of Finland’s unique nature to visit you, a piece of Elias Lönnrot’s journey, the precious gold of Nordic nature.

Use on animals:

  • wounds
  • for the treatment of asphalt paws
  • for dry paws
  • for inflammations (such as inflammation of the anal gland)
  • relief from tick bites and insect bites and stings
  • calluses and many other skin problems

Additional info

Finland Spruce (Picea abies) Resin, Sodium Rapeseedate (organic), Beeswax.
Contains natural resin.

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At room temperature 12 months

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