Heikkilä's Lovage

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Lovage is a fairly intense herb, but when used skillfully it has a diverse flavour profile. The flavour of lovage, which is similar in some ways to celery, is also reminiscent of leek, parsley and parsnip. It is especially well suited for soups, sauces, and stews.

How to use lovage?

Lovage is added to dishes early on in the cooking process in order to allow the intense flavour to soften. Drying the herb also makes the flavour milder. There is no need to worry when using lovage from Heikkilä!

In addition to soups and stews, lovage goes well with slow-cooked dishes as well as rice and pasta dishes. You should add it to dishes with turnip, cabbage, pumpkin, courgette or potato. Lovage is particularly popular in German-speaking regions where it is referred to as Maggikraut. In fact, lovage is the original flavour used in bouillon cubes.

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Finnish lovage.

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Heikkilän Yrttitila Oy

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