Foodin Organic Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar

Foodin Organic Raw Chocolate Christmas Calendar

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Last year's sensation, the raw chocolate advent calendar, now with new flavors!

This organic and vegan Christmas calendar takes people of all ages on a delightful journey through the anticipation of Christmas, offering scrumptious taste experiences for every day of December.

The calendar comprises crafted raw chocolate slabs and delicious nuts and berries coated in raw chocolate and vegan white chocolate. Additionally, the calendar showcases festive seasonal flavors complementing the range of familiar favorites.

This raw chocolate advent calendar is the perfect choice for the whole family and to share with your loved ones.

If you're curious about the calendar's content, read more below.

Available in a limited batch only!

But what exactly is raw chocolate?

Raw chocolate, as its name suggests, is made from unroasted cocoa beans. In every piece of chocolate, you can sense the influence of the cocoa bean's growing environment – the soil, surrounding vegetation, and climate.

Good raw chocolate demands quality cocoa beans and skilled production. In addition to the authenticity of raw chocolate, it has another secret: cocoa is the most antioxidant-rich fruit in the world. Its health benefits are best preserved by maintaining low production temperatures.

Additional info

Contents of the compartments in random order:

Raw chocolate bars 40 g x 6 pcs: Coconut Milk, Gingerbread, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Chai-Orange

Chocolate-coated bags 15-20 g x 18 pcs: Raw Chocolate Strawberry (RS STRAWBERRY*), Gingerbread Cashew (GINGERBREADCASHEW*), Raw Chocolate Almond (RS ALMOND*), White Chocolate Raisin (WC RAISIN*), Raw Chocolate Banana (RS BANANA*), Raw Chocolate Ginger (RS GINGER*), White Chocolate Raspberry (WC RASPBERRY*), Raw Chocolate Hazelnut (RS HAZELNUT*), Gingerbread Raisin (GINGERBREADRAISIN*), Raw Chocolate Mulberry (RS MULBERRY*), White Chocolate Cashew (WC CASHEW*), Gingerbread Almond (GINGERBREADALMOND*), Raw Chocolate Raspberry (RS RASPBERRY*), Raw Chocolate Cashew (RS CASHEW*), White Chocolate Strawberry (WC STRAWBERRY*), Raw Chocolate Raisin (RS RAISIN*).

*= abbreviations on the packages

Packed in a factory that handles nuts (cashew, Brazil, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, and walnut) almonds, sesame seeds, and whey protein (from milk)

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