Foodin Delicious Snacks Christmas Calendar

Foodin Delicious Snacks Christmas Calendar

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

Last year's sensation, Foodin Delicious Snacks Christmas Calendar, returns with new flavors!

This inspiring Christmas calendar offers delicious and healthy snacks for every day leading up to Christmas Eve. The calendar contains protein and snack bars, delectable nibbles like dry-roasted and flavored nuts, as well as nuts and berries coated in raw chocolate and vegan white chocolate.

This beautifully designed Christmas calendar, made 100% in Finland, is perfect for the entire family and to share with loved ones. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to explore our range of healthy and tasty snacks and indulgence options. Let the 24 surprise doors lead you deliciously towards Christmas Eve!

If you're curious about the calendar's content, read more below.

Available in a limited batch only!

Additional info

Contents of the compartments in random order:

Granola Bar snack bars (vegan) 25 g x 4 pcs: Almond Cranberry Cacao Crunch, Cinnamon Apple Pie, Berry Bliss

Crunchy Collagen protein bars 25 g x 4 pcs: Almond Sea Salt, Caramel Cinnamon, Ginger Lime, Cashew-Vanilla

Nuti nut bars 25 g x 4 pcs: Honey, Pecans & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Caramel & Lingonberry

Snack bags (vegan) 15 g x 12 pcs: Bruschetta Cashew (B CASHEW*), Rosemary Cashew (R CASHEW*), Chili-Garlic Cashew (CG CASHEW*), Curry-Lemon Cashew (CL CASHEW*), Ginger Date (GINGERDATE*), Licorice Date (LICORICEDATE*), Roasted Cashew (P CASHEW*), Roasted Almond (P ALMOND*), Raw Chocolate Strawberry (RS STRAWBERRY*), Raw Chocolate Raisin (RS RAISIN*), Raw Chocolate Hazelnut (RS HAZELNUT*), White Chocolate Strawberry (WC STRAWBERRY*)

*= abbreviations on the packages

Packed in a factory that handles nuts (cashew, Brazil, pecan, pistachio, macadamia, hazelnut, and walnut) almonds, sesame seeds, and whey protein (from milk).

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