Collection: Yrttiaika

Natural cosmetics and herb delicacies from natural ingredients

Yrttiaika (yrtti=herb) makes natural cosmetics and herb delicacies from the best ingredients the Nordic nature has to offer. The Yrttiaika products combine traditional knowledge with modern science: the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants of the plants have been combined skillfully into effective and delicious natural products. The products are handmade with carefully selected herbs grown in the pure Finnish nature, such as marigold and spruce sprouts. You can find bath products, marmalades, spices and sauces in the Yrttiaika selection. Find your favorites!

Aromas of the Arctic nature flavored with strong expertise and handicraft

Yrttiaika was founded by five women who share a love for the Arctic nature, the willingness to help others and strong knowledge and skills related to herbs. Each of them has their own area of expertise and together they have managed to create a versatile product family which is based on the best ingredients our Nordic nature has to offer.

The growing Yrttiaika product family draws from the traditional knowledge about the healing properties of plants as well as modern research. The Yrttiaika products offer wellbeing and pure flavors and they do good for your whole body. Experience the power of Arctic plants in the Yrttiaika products!

Good to know about the Yrttiaika products:

  • Ingredients: The products are based on wild vegetables and as naturally cultivated herbs as possible. The natural cosmetics products contain nutritious plant oils and herb extracts. No sythetic perfumes, colorants, mineral oils or silicon are used in the products.
  • The freshness of the products: All the Yrttiaika products are handmade in small batches. You can be sure that the Yrttiaika product you are holding in your hands is fresh! The products don’t contain any synthetic preservatives, only natural ingredients. The products which don’t contain water can be stored for 1,5–2 years.
  • Packaging materials: Yrttiaika favors packaging materials which are recyclable and environmentally friendly. The majority of the products are packed in paper bags, cardboard and glass jars.