Collection: Willimaku

Delicious handmade products from wild herbs

Willimaku (‘wild flavor’) is a family business from Northern Savonia, Finland, which makes delicacies from edible wild herbs and flowers, handpicked from the pure Finnish nature. You can taste for example spruce sprouts, willowherbs, meadowsweets, rowans and dandelions in the Willimaku products. The selection includes delicious and stylish gloggs (mulled wine), marmalades and jams which are excellent with game or cheese. Order these delicacies for yourself or give them as a gift!

You can taste pure wild herbs in the Willimaku products

Willimaku products are based on wild herbs from the pure Finnish nature. Our forests and meadows are full of forgotten treasures which can be utilized in many ways. With Willimaku, you can enjoy the delicious flavors and important nutrients of the wild herbs around the year, no matter where you live.

The Willimaku products are made with traditional recipes from local ingredients. Willimaku collaborates with over 20 local suppliers of ingredients. The products are made with spruce sprouts, willowherbs, meadowsweets, rowans, dandelions, blackcurrants and blueberries and all these ingredients are hand-picked. These precious ingredients are used to make glogg (a Finnish version of mulled wine), marmalades, jams and other delicious condiments.

From agritourism and restaurant business to own food brand

Willimaku is a family business run by two generations in the Tikkanen family. The story of the company began with agritourism in the family’s home farm before they decided to take a leap in the restaurant business. The family opened their first restaurant Iltalypsy in Kiuruvesi in 2008. Today the family also has two other restaurants and cafes in the towns nearby.

The family started to develop their Willimaku products in the beginning of the 2010s after purchasing a small company focusing on wild herbs. After a few years of product development, the company took part in a growth program which has helped to boost business. The Willimaku products have also gained international recognition as they were selected among the 10 best products in the European Food Gift Challenge competition in 2020.