Collection: Tundra Natural

Natural soaps and shampoo soaps from the Arctic nature

Tundra Natural is a Finnish natural cosmetics and design brand. You can find ecological natural soaps and shampoo soaps from Tundra Natural which get their scents and shapes from the Arctic nature. The Tundra Natural soaps are handmade in a small atelier with the traditional knowledge of the nurturing properties of Arctic plants and herbs. These soaps are ideal for your own luxurious bath moments or to give as gifts – get to know the selection and choose your favourite!

Beauty and purity from the Arctic nature

Tundra Natural was founded in 2016 in Lapland, Finland. The founder Katja was born and raised in Lapland and she wanted to combine ingredients from the Arctic nature with Finnish design and handcraft. Katja had herself discovered the world of nurturing plants and she wanted others to be able to enjoy these nature’s gifts as well. So she began to make natural soaps and shampoo soaps from the ingredients of the Arctic nature, utilizing the knowledge she had gained from her studies in natural products.

Since the early days of Tundra Natural, the company has moved from Lapland to Savonia, Eastern Finland. Currently the Tundra Natural products are made in an atelier in Siilinjärvi. The ingredients of the soaps, such as herbs, are from Katja’s own forest or acquired from Finnish farmers and pickers. You can find for example these ingredients from the Tundra Natural soaps:

  • nettle
  • field horsetail
  • heather flowers
  • sea-buckthorn powder
  • bilberry powder
  • lingonberry powder
  • raspberry seed oil
  • pine
  • birch leaf powder
  • camelina oil

Natural soaps and shampoo soaps are an ecological choice

Natural soaps and shampoo soaps are an environmentally friendly alternative to shampoo bottles and hand soaps packed in plastic. One piece of soap lasts for a long time in use and the products are suitable for the whole family. You can therefore use natural soaps and shampoo soaps with good conscience!