Collection: Taiga

Chocolates with daring flavours

Taiga combines handmade chocolate with exciting and daring flavours from the Nordic forests, rivers and seashores. You can find chocolates with raspberry, bilberry, sea buckthorn and lingonberry, but also chocolates with reindeer, dried fish and cultivated crickets. Taiga chocolates are perfect for the adventure spirit who is open for new experiences and is always eager to try something unexpected. Do you dare to try?

Chocolate with Nordic berries, reindeer, fish and crickets

Taiga is a Finnish chocolate brand known for their imaginary and daring flavors inspired by the wild Nordic nature and our four distinctive seasons.

Taiga combines chocolate with the most beloved wild Nordic berries: raspberry, bilberry, sea buckthorn and lingonberry. The berries ripen under the midnight sun which makes the berries dense in nutrition and intense in flavor. Taiga fully relies on the berries’ own fresh and full taste so nothing extra has been added to the berries used in the chocolates. The berry milk chocolates and white chocolates are sweet and delicious treats loved also by the smallest members of the family.

Taiga is perhaps the most known for their more daring flavors which include reindeer crisp, smelt fish and cultivated crickets. The distinctive flavors are combined with dark chocolate which complement each other surprisingly well, proving that sometimes ideas that seem a bit crazy actually work like a charm. The bold flavors are perfect for adventurous spirits who are not afraid to try something new and unconventional.

The Taiga Dark Chocolate with Reindeer Crisps literally includes dried reindeer meat from the fells of the Finnish Lapland. Usually eaten as a main course, reindeer meat has now found its way to chocolate, offering a unique yet delicious taste experience. Taiga's Dark Chocolate With Cultivated House Crickets combines dark chocolate with crickets, making the chocolate rich in protein.

The Taiga Dark Chocolate with Smelt Fish has already charmed international audiences as it was awarded the first prize for ‘Outstanding Natural/Organic Product’ at the Natural & Organic Awards Asia 2018 in Hong Kong. The chocolate contains wild smelt fish caught from the rivers of Lapland. We challenge you to try it!