Collection: Puolen Hehtaarin Metsä

Organic flours, flakes and bran from oats and rye

Puolen hehtaarin metsä (‘Hundred Acre Wood’) makes flours, flakes and bran from organic oats and rye cultivated in their own farm in southern Finland. The Puolen hehtaarin metsä products are perfect for baking or making porridge!

High-quality products from organic grains

The Puolen hehtaarin metsä organic farm is located in Koivistonkulma in southern Finland. The farm cultivates oats, rye and wheat with respect to nature. The name of the brand ‘Puolen hehtaarin metsä’ refers to a little forest which is surrounded by cornfields.

The selection of Puolen hehtaarin metsä includes oat flour, oat flakes, oat bran and rye-wheat flakes.

Fresh, clean and ecological products

All the products of Puolen hehtaarin metsä are made at the farm from their own crops. The purity and freshness of the products is essential. The products are marked with all the essential dates from cultivation to the ready-made product so you can be sure of the freshness of the product.

All the grains cultivated in the farm are organic and no chemical or animal-derived fertilizers are used. The wellbeing of the soil is at the heart of the farming.