Collection: Havuka

Spruce resin balms for skin ailments

Havuka makes skincare products based on the spruce resin. The antibacterial spruce resin is scientifically proven to help with the treatment of small wounds and infections. The Havuka products are made with pure spruce resin, propolis, herbs and canola oil. Try for yourself!

Spruce resin has a medicinal status

Spruce resin has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a remedy for various skin ailments. Modern-day research has confirmed the healing effects of spruce resin: the antibacterial spruce resin helps the treatment of wounds as it prevents inflammation and the growth of bacteria.

The Finnish orthopedist, D.Med.Sc. Arno Sipponen from the University of Helsinki has studied the benefits of spruce resin and declared it as a significant medicine. Spruce resin speeds up the closing of the wound, or epithelialization. The power of spruce resin is based on its antimicrobial effects and it has proven to be an effective medicine against hospital bacteria such as VRE and MRSA.

The HAVUKA products are based on traditional recipes

The HAVUKA product family is based on ancient recipes known in Finnish folk medicine. Elias Lönnrot – a doctor, botanist and reformer of the Finnish language – collected ancient folk healing methods on his expeditions. The HAVUKA products are made with his timeless recipes and with decades of hands-on experience.

HAVUKA spruce resin balms are the most potent on the market and contain up to 30 % of Finnish spruce resin. The most common use of the spruce resin balm is to aid the healing of wounds and protect against infection. The selection of HAVUKA also includes soap bars for skin and hair made from ingredients from the Finnish nature.