Collection: ArcticVet

Natural and gentle skincare for pets

ArcticVet makes natural products for the treatments of pets’ skin and fur. You can find paw creams, products for treating small wounds and rashes as well as mosquito repellents in ArcticVet’s selection. Treat your pet gently and safely with ArcticVet’s natural products!

Arctic ingredients to treat pets’ skin problems

ArcticVet makes natural skincare products for pets and farm animals. ArcticVet was founded when the owners wanted to find safe products for their own animals. They decided to create these products themselves to ensure the best quality and also to offer other fellow animal friends the possibility to treat their pets with gentle products. The ArcticVet products are suitable for pets such as cats and dogs as well as farm animals such as horses, pigs and chickens.

The products are made from Finnish ingredients without extra chemicals. The main ingredients used in the products are the antiseptic spruce resin, tar and common yarrow which have been collected in the pure nature of Northern Finland. ArcticVet knows all their partners from organic farmers to the collectors of the ingredients which lets them ensure the quality of the ingredients. The products are made in Paimio, Southern Finland, where ArcticVet’s home is located.

Reconnecting Nature forest extract to strengthen your pet’s immune system

The selection of ArcticVet also includes products which contain the Reconnecting Nature forest extract. The Reconnecting Nature forest extract is an innovation developed by Finnish universities, containing beneficial microbes from forest soil. Studies have shown that the forest extract strengthens the microbiome of the body when used on the skin, thus also strengthening the immune system. The ArcticVet products are suitable for smaller pets such as cats and dogs, as well as horses.