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Arctic superfoods from the Finnish Lapland

The Finnish Lapland is the home of the most nutritious and pure wild herbs and berries. Arctic Warriors turns these power plants into tasty and easy-to-use products to help you to stay healthy. Berry and nettle powders, herb elixirs, honey shots and energy gels provide you with plenty of natural energy and valuable nutrients. The Nordic berries and herbs grow under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world – not fearing the harsh wind and snow either. The unique habitat guarantees the plants intense taste and stellar nutritional values. So fuel yourself with Arctic power and try the Arctic Warriors products!

Experience the power and purity of the Nordic nature

Arctic Warriors was born out of the wish to bring the pure and nutritious power plants of the north for everyone to enjoy. Arctic Warriors prepares 100 % natural herbal shots, extracts and powders which are easy to mix with daily foods and drinks to give extra boost to your day.

The 100 % natural superfoods combine old traditions with today’s research. In Lapland, the power of wild berries and herbs has been known for ages and they have traditionally been used to heal many kinds of ailments. The knowledge of their use and effect has been passed on from one generation to another and Arctic Warriors pays respect to these traditions. Today’s research has also shown that the plants grown in Lapland are more rich in nutrition than the plants grown in the southern part of Finland.

The cornerstones of Arctic Warriors are:

  • Pure and nutritious ingredients that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.
  • Respect for local workforce: the ingredients come from local small farms and wild herb pickers
  • Working for vibrant and lively Lapland: Arctic Warriors wants to support the natural products industry in Lapland and work hard for the common good.
  • Natural wellbeing: instead of being health freaks, Arctic Warriors believes that wellbeing comes from the simple everyday things.

Fuel your day with the Arctic Warriors products

You can find for example berry and nettle powders, herbal shots and extracts from the Arctic Warriors’s selection. Try for example these super products:

  • Sinni Roseroot Elixir gets its power from roseroot which is called the ginseng of the North. Together with nettle it gives energy for the day, boosts performance and helps to battle the challenges of everyday life.
  • Mahti Angelica Elixir gives a strong boost to the immune system. Together with nettle, the Lapland’s own power herb angelica helps to keep the bad bugs away.
  • Puhti Honey Shot contains honey which together with nettle and roseroot gives energy to push through all the demanding physical challenges.

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