Collection: Arctic Superfoods

Arctic Superfoods – nutritious snacks with Nordic flavors

Arctic Superfoods prepares snack bars which are full of pure and nutritious Nordic superfoods. You can taste sea-buckthorn, bilberries, lingonberries, birch leaves, spruce sprouts and nettles in the snack bars. Arctic Superfoods is located in Levi, the Finnish Lapland, which is where they source all the ingredients for their snack bars. The appreciation of nature and locality are important values for Arctic Superfoods which are also reflected in their products. All Arctic Superfoods snack bars are handmade – try and feel the Arctic goodness!

Nordic purity, freshness and good life

Arctic Superfoods is all about celebrating great taste and a healthy, modern lifestyle. Arctic Superfoods is from the Finnish Lapland, the northernmost part of Europe, where the Arctic nature is everywhere with all of its benefits.

The partner and the Flavour Master of Arctic Superfoods, Jari Kurtti, has worked in many fine restaurants using the best locally-sourced Arctic ingredients. He developed Arctic Superfoods so that the awesome, nutritious Northern flavours could be available for everyone. Arctic Superfoods wants to offer better snacks that will fill you with strength and make you feel invincible.

The Arctic Superfoods snack bars are inspired by the healthy and nutritious Arctic wild berries and herbs. The products are designed to have a distinctive taste which has carefully been put together by using gluten-free ingredients and minimising the use of anything artificial.