Collection: Arctic Pure

Arctic Pure – a promise of purity

Arctic Pure is a high-quality and 100 % natural product line, inspired by the pure nature of the North. The products contain only the essential – they are free from surface treatment agents, preservatives, fillers, colourants and sweeteners. In addition, the capsules used in the supplements are 100 % vegan. The Arctic Pure products are made in Finland. Experience the Arctic purity and order today!

Arctic Pure – inspired by the Nordic nature

The Arctic Pure product line is the signature product line of our online store. It has been developed in cooperation with Puhdas+, one of the leading manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetics in Finland.

The Arctic Pure product line was founded on the principles of purity and simplicity. The products contain only the most essential ingredients and nothing extra. The products are inspired by the pure nature of the North:

“Branches covered by lichen.”
“Clear brooks flowing on the fells.”
“The resilient and vigorous wild herbs and Nordic berries.”
"The pure Arctic nature."

These images were the foundation for the development of the Arctic Pure product line. We wanted to give the promise of purity – and that’s how Arctic Pure was born.

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